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Professional Pre-Printed Plastic Cards

  • Pre-printed cards are an easy & efficient option for membership, loyalty, business, and gift cards, and more!
  • Customize full-color cards with your artwork and design
  • You can then print one-color or 4-color custom cardholder information on your pre-printed cards
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Pre-Printed Plastic CardsPre-Printed Plastic Cards

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Pre-Printed Plastic Card FAQs:

What sizes of cards are available?

CR80 - is the size of standard plastic cards, such as credit cards. Dimensions are 3.375" x 2.125"

CR100 - is commonly referred to as "oversized" or military size. This card is also commonly used for sporting event IDs or larger sports arena staff badges. Dimensions are 3.88" x 2.63"

CR80 3-up Keytags - are also the size of standard plastic cards, but are perforated to snap into 3 smaller cards.

How thick are the cards?

Most cards are 30mil thick, which is the thickness of a standard credit card. Other options are also available, but some restrictions apply.

What types of card stock is available?

We offer you the choice of 100% PVC cards or composite cards, which are 60% PVC/40% PET. Composite cards are stronger and more durable than standard PVC cards and are recommended when cards will be used frequently.

Do you offer any special card features?

Yes! Using cards with a colored core makes them unique and stand out, for branding or for card security. Cards with this feature have a colored core sandwiched between white outer layers, similar to an Oreo®. We offer cards with CMY or metallic gold or silver color cores.

What other options are available for my cards?

We offer options such as adhesive-backed cards, magnetic stripe cards, cards with a signature panel, sequential numbers or barcodes printed on your cards, sequential number encoding, and more. We will walk you through the options, answer your questions, and help you determine your needs.

How may colors can be pre-printed on my cards?

We typically use 4-color process, which allows virtually any color quantity or combination. It's ideal for photographic-quality images and complex color designs. We also offer "spot color" printing for less intricate graphics. The design of your card will generally dictate which process is used. This applies to both the front and back of your cards.

What types of security features can be included in pre-printed cards?

UV printing is an option to add uniqueness to a plastic card to enhance card security. UV ink is widely used and accepted by the federal government, state driver's license programs, and the finance industry. In fact, if you look at your Visa or American Express cards under a UV lamp, you will likely see some type of covert UV ink security lettering. Your UV image can be a stock image or a custom image that you provide.

2D or 3D holographic overlaminates can also be used for card security. This can be a generic security image, or your cards can be customized with virtually any image you provide.

Your pre-printed cards can also be embedded with a hot-stamped foil image, for a high level of cards security. The image can be a generic stock image, or, for even more security, a custom image that you provide.

Microtext is another advanced security option. This process involves printing tiny text in a specific location on your cards' surface. Microtext is an excellent covert feature when card security is a priority. We will print the specific text you'd like on your cards, in the location of your choice.

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