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MRI OnLocation Visitor Management Software

Manage the safe movement of visitors, contractors, and onsite employees and gain a real-time view of who is on your premises.

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Track, Identify & Secure

With an increase in companies returning to the office, it is more important than ever to protect the people and places that power your organization.

MRI OnLocation is a robust cloud-based visitor management software that tracks and identifies visitors, contractors, and employees.

Gain peace of mind knowing you’re protecting your staff and providing a seamless and secure visitor experience.

Flexible Solution

Adaptable to your unique needs

  • Multiple hardware options to choose from
  • Self-service kiosk for unmanned entry points
  • PC or laptop for entry points with receptionist or security personnel
  • Mobile app for seamless employee experience

Compliance & Tracking

Visitor & Employee data at your fingertips

  • Easily run reports for specific date ranges
  • Quickly see how long a visitor or contractor has been on-site
  • Run real-time reports in the event of an emergency or evacuation
  • Visitor, Contractor & Employee data is stored indefinitely, ideal for data retention requirements
  • See clearly which employees are on-site
  • Drive employee compliance with company policy

Watchlists & Triggers

Real-time alerts for unwanted visitors

  • Easily check visitors against an internal watchlist database
  • Alert staff via email or SMS
  • Triggers can be set up to deny entry

Arrival Notifications

Save time & create efficiency

  • Reduce time spent tracking down host employees.
  • Send employees an email or SMS notification when their visitor has signed in

Visitor Pre-Registration

Create a positive visitor experience

  • Pre-register large groups for an event to decrease sign-in time
  • Send pre-registered visitors’ emails with information such as:
    • Host details
    • Parking tips
    • Arrival instructions
    • On-site health & safety requirements
    • Guest Wi-Fi details
    • QR/Barcode for quick sign-in

Employee Desk Booking Scheduling

Adapt to the hybrid model

  • Empower employees to schedule when they will be onsite
  • See availability of open workstations to book space
  • Monitor occupancy in real time to meet corporate policies

Custom Workflows

Meet compliance requirements

  • Implement health screening questions and alerts
  • Capture purpose of visit information
  • Ensure safety videos are watched and acknowledged
  • Capture signatures on required waivers or non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)

Touchless Sign-In

A hygienic option for visitors

  • Visitors can easily scan the QR code on the kiosk and continue the sign-in process on their mobile device.
  • No app required

Visual Access Control

Add a layer of security to your visitor program with self-expiring visitor badges

  • Over a 24-hour period, a red box with “VOID” appears, preventing unwanted visitors from re-using badges.
  • Badges allow you and your staff to quickly identify visitors and contractors.
  • Several badge pass templates to choose from to meet your identification needs

Plan Details

Choose from a variety of plans to suit your business needs.

  • For small to medium sized businesses, we offer the small, and medium type plans.
  • For larger-sized businesses we have the larger plan type plan type, or you can create your own customized plan which can include all of the services needed for your business.


Features   Small Plan - $599 Medium Plan - $1,680 Large Plan - $3,000 Custom Plan - Call
Annual Sign in/out** Visitor / Contractor 3,000 100,000 20,000 Unlimited
Annual Sign/in/out** Employee 30,000 100,000 200,000 Unlimited
Notifications Email & Push Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Notifications SMS Allowance 500 / Year 1,000 / Year 1,000 Year 2,000 / Year
Guest Management Visitor
Guest Management Contractor
Guest Management Employee
Guest Management Inductions
Guest Management Evacuations
Mobile App  
Standard or Touchless Kiosk  
Photo Capture  
Watch Lists  
Visitor Badge Printing  
Reporting & Dashboards  
License & Passport Scanning   * With Purchase of add-on Module * With Purchase of add-on Module * With Purchase of add-on Module
Desk Booking 
per location / per year
  * With Purchase of add-on Module * With Purchase of add-on Module * With Purchase of add-on Module

** sign-in/out counts as one movement

Multi Language

Visitors can choose from 21 languages on the self-service kioks

  • Front of house staff and security personnel can choose their preferred language while operating the Sign In/Out Manager.
  • MRI OnLocation currently supports the following languages

United States



















Te Reo Māori


MRI OnLocation Integrations

Integrate other business tools with your MRI OnLocation software to harness more people management potential.

Data Accuracy

Time Management

Time Management

Directory Services

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 Create a Positive User Experience

  • Decrease Sign-In time: Carry out a Pre-Registration for large groups for events in order to decrease sign-in time.
  • Pre-Registration Emails: Send Pre-Registered visitors' emails with information such as Host Details, Parking Tips, Arrival Instructions, On-Site health & safety requirements, Guest Wi-Fi details, and QR/Barcode for quick-sign in.

Touchless Sign In

  • Hygenic Option for visitors: Visitors can easily scan the QR code on the kiosk and continue the sign-in process.
  • Save Time: No App required.

Facilitate Employee Desk Booking & Scheduling

  • Streamline the process: Empower employees to schedule when they will be onsite.
  • Avaiability Check: See availability of open workstations to book space.
  • Corporate Policy Adherance: Monitor occupancy in real-time to meet corporate policies.

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