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ID Card Printers

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  • Print on one side of your card with a single-sided printer or both sides with a dual-sided printer
  • Add an extra layer of protection and security to your cards with a lamination-capable printer
  • Shop the leading ID card printer brands: Fargo, Magicard, Evolis, IDP, Zebra, Nisca, Entrust Datacard, Matica EDIsecure, & NBS Technologies
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Learn More About ID Card Printers

There are many options to choose from when selecting your ID card printer. Knowing how your cards will be used and what information will be included on them will help you understand the features that are important to you.

Should you buy a Single or Dual-Side Printer?

One of the basic differences in ID card printers is their ability to print on either only one side, or to print on both sides of your cards in a single printing process. Consider the differences when deciding what is best for your needs:

  • Single-Sided Card Printers - Print on one side of your cards in a single pass. Single-sided printers work well for those printing only a basic amount of information on cards, such as an employee name, photo and company logo. Some single-sided card printers can be easily upgraded to two-sided printing capability if or when your needs change.
    • A single-sided card printer may be ideal for you if the content to be printed on your cards is minimal.
  • Dual-Sided Card Printers - Print on both sides of your cards in a single pass. Dual-sided printers are recommended when you'll be printing more than basic information on cards, such as an employee number or barcode, a membership number, additional personal cardholder information such as date of birth or security access level, card expiration date, and/or information on how to return a lost card. Dual-sided card printers allow you to keep your cards clean and legible by printing only necessary information on the front, and the information that doesn't need to be visible on the back.
    • A dual-sided card printer may be ideal for you if you're printing more than basic cardholder information on your cards.
What else should you think about before choosing an ID Card Printer?

There are hundreds of ID card printer options available. The questions below will help get you on your way to finding the printer that best suits your needs.

  • Will you be printing on one or two sides of your cards? The amount of information you'll be printing on your cards is one way to determine what you'll need. Another benefit of dual-sided card printers is they allow you to easily print your card design on both sides of your cards. This way, the ID is always visible, no matter which way the card is turned.
  • What type of cards will you be printing on? If you'll be printing on cards with embedded technology, such as contact or contactless smart cards, you'll want to shop for a reverse transfer printer. Another benefit of reverse transfer printers is their ability to print the entire surface of your cards. Direct-to-card printers are an option if you'll be printing on plain, non-punched or perforated PVC cards, and if your card design is more simple, not covering the entire card surface.
  • Will you be swiping your cards in a card reader? If your cards will be swiped in a card reader on a regular basis, the printed design can become worn, making the card hard to read and not look as good as it can. Using lamination on your cards will prevent wear, making your cards last longer, and look great longer.

Get help narrowing down the selection of ID card printers that fit your needs in four simple steps with our Printer Finder.

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