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This product is discontinued.

The RDR-80581AKU has been discontinued. Please see the replacement here RDR-80531BKU. Shop or Call Us (800) 321-4405.

pcProx Plus Enroll Proximity Card Reader - DISCONTINUED


Combining contactless and proximity card technologies into a single reader, the pcProx® Plus Enroll card reader has the capability to read both 13.56 MHz contactless cards and 125 kHz prox cards. The desktop pcProx Plus provides security and error-free identification - it even eliminates manual data entry. The pcProx Plus allows you to use building access cards or any 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz tags for other forms of ID.

The pcProx Plus is a plug-n-play reader. It includes flash memory that allows you to quickly configure the output you need. Featuring dual-frequency multi-technology, the pcProx Plus is capable of handling both prox and smart card technologies simultaneously and is highly configurable.

As a badge and card enroller or reader, the pcProx Plus emulates a keyboard to enter card data to the cursor's location in an application. You can also configure the reader to add commands and keystrokes before or after the card's data.

Mounting Bracket - Optional
The optional mounting bracket for the pcProx® Plus reader offers an inexpensive and easy option to standard mounting options. With the bracket, you'll be able to adjust the angle of the reader to suit your needs. The optional mounting kit includes:

  • 1 - Kiosk mounting bracket (2.25'' x 2.75'' x .125'')
  • 1 - Right angle bracket with tab (1.75'' x 1.25'')
  • 2 - Screws
  • Double-sided foam tape
(Add this option to your reader within the Options tab).

Common Applications for the pcProx Plus Card Reader

  • Time and attendance
  • Employee identification (multi-function printers, embedded devices, PCs, etc.)
  • Application log-on
  • PC/LAN access control
More Information
Additional Info
  • Typical max read range: 1.0'' to 3.0'' (dependent upon prox card type and environmental conditions)
  • Dimensions: 3.375'' x 2'' x .6''
  • Weight: 0.45 lbs
  • Power Supply: USB self-powered, 6 foot cable
  • Transmit Frequency: 125 kHz & 13.56 MHz
  • Interface: USB