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DuraClean® 86177 Complete Printer Cleaning Kit for Fargo Printers - Cleaning Cards & Swabs

  • 3 long cleaning cards
  • 10 adhesive cleaning cards
  • 4 cleaning swabs
  • Comparable to Fargo part#: 86177
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The DuraClean 86177 printer cleaning kit is specifically designed to work with a wide variety of popular Fargo ID card printers. This printhead cleaning kit includes everything you need to clean the inside of your Fargo direct-to-card printer to keep it working optimally. As debris collects inside of the printer it can impact the quality of your printed ID badges and could cause damage to the expensive printhead & other parts of the printer. With routine cleanings, you can expect the best possible image quality and improved lifespan for your printer.

DuraClean 86177 cleaning kits include 3 long cleaning cards, 10 adhesive cleaning cards, and 4 cleaning swabs.

The DuraClean 86177 cleaning kit is for use with most Fargo direct-to-card (DTC) printers; please check the Specifications tab for specific models.

WATCH VIDEO: How to clean your Fargo printer

More Information
Additional Info
  • Part number: DuraClean 86177
  • Comparable to Fargo 86177 Cleaning Kit
  • Cleaning kit includes:
    • 3 Long Cleaning Cards
    • 10 adhesive cleaning cards - for cleaning the card rollers
    • 4 Cleaning Swabs
  • For use with the following Fargo card printers:
    • M30
    • M30e
    • C30
    • C30e
    • C50
    • DTC300
    • DTC400
    • DTC400e
    • DTC1000
    • DTC1000M
    • DTC1000Me
    • DTC1250e
    • DTC1500
    • DTC4000
    • DTC4250e
    • DTC4500
    • DTC4500e
    • DTC1500
    • DTC1500XE
Printer CompatibilityC30, C30e, C50, DTC1000, DTC1000M, DTC1000Me, DTC1250e, DTC1500, DTC1500XE, DTC4000, DTC4250e, DTC4500, DTC4500e, M30, M30e
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