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Why Your Business Needs an Access Control System

Small- and medium-sized business (SMB) leaders have a lot on their plate — now more than ever. Your time is pulled in a million different directions, with 20 of the 50+ hours the typical SMB leader works every week getting eaten up by peripheral, non-revenue generating tasks like administration and HR. It might seem like improving physical access and security falls into the “I’ve got more important things to worry about” bucket — but don’t wait until a facility access issue or security event takes place to take action. The reality is that smarter access control is a simple way to make a positive impact on your business.

Subpar physical security can put SMBs at risk

Protection is the first thing you think of with physical access. Unfortunately, physical security is more important than ever for SMBs. The risks are coming from both inside and outside the business. A 2021 study by the National Retail Foundation cited that 53% of business owners have seen the risk of internal theft rise in the past five years, while a report by The New York Times stated that 69% of retail stores have seen an increase in theft in the past year[1]. Whether it’s theft, property damage, or even the risk of having inside information (IP) stolen, the impacts of subpar physical security can have disastrous consequences for a business.

Think beyond keys with smart door access control

Here’s a simple question: What is a door access control system? It’s more than just a traditional lock and key; it’s a system that controls who has access to your business and when – protecting your assets and employees. But traditional locks and keys are problematic for several reasons: They’re obsolete and cumbersome; they don’t provide an access log of who accessed your space and when; and the administration of physical keys is a hassle.

By contrast, smart door access control systems give users the credentials they need to access your space right on their smartphones – making them simple to administer, seamless for employees, and secure for your business.

Door access control systems span the continuum of security and flexibility. They include:

  • Traditional deadbolts and keys
  • Pin codes (either generic master codes or individualized codes)
  • Fobs, cards and access readers (e.g., barcodes, magnetic strips, proximity cards and smart cards)
  • Biometrics
  • Mobile door access

Keyless Entry System control is about more than security

Using a keyless entry system is an easy way to improve security – but this simple change also drives serious benefits across your business. Read on to learn the biggest benefits your business stands to gain by switching to a smart, cloud-based access control system.

Enable flexible work arrangements with smart access control systems

Over the past few years, hybrid and flexible work arrangements transitioned from the exception to the expectation. Employees are coming and going outside of the traditional 9-5. Smart access control systems make it easy to enable flexible work arrangements, without creating new administrative burdens, hassles for employees or business risks.

Employee authorization can be role-based and customized for individual needs. For instance, your IT director may need access to the server room, but you don’t want to extend that privilege to every employee. Or perhaps you need to grant temporary access to a contractor who will be working on-site for a week. Access parameters can be updated on the fly and remotely with a remote access control approach to physical security. No swapping keys or re-keying locks.

Provide a seamless experience for visitors with access control software

We’ve all been there: You visit an office and are asked to scrawl your name and contact info on a clipboard. Not only does this method offer an antiquated first impression, but also it is a problematic method for auditing and emergency management.

According to one study, only 25% of organizations know how many people are in their facilities at any given time[1]. An additional 28% of organizations employ an old-fashioned sign-in roster to record visitor access. More concerning is the fact that 32% of organizations don’t have any method for tracking visitors on-site. In other words, they don’t have a way to limit visitor access to essential spaces, or to ensure that their presence was accurately recorded should an audit be required

A smart access control system solves all these shortcomings. Guests can receive a pin code or credential in advance and allowing them access without you being required to be present. Paper sign-in sheets are replaced by automatic real-time registration of all employees and visitors entering and existing a facility. And you can add additional levels of security tracking access to specific areas within your business.

Grant door access on demand for contractors and delivery personnel

The after-hours call – either on a weekend or while you’re traveling – that requires facility access can create logistical headaches. How do you grant delivery personnel, service providers or other contractors access to your business when you’re not physically there? A remote door access control system simplifies logistics for these and other occasional visitors, enabling you to grant on-demand access remotely from a mobile app – anytime, anywhere. This is more secure than a key in a lock box – which can easily be shared or copied – and access can be granted or revoked at any time with a few swipes and taps on your smartphone.

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