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EDIsecure DIC10313 Color Ribbon - YMCK-UV - 750 prints

  • 750 prints
  • Fluorescent panel
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EDIsecure DIC10313 Color Ribbon Details

Genuine EDIsecure DIC10313 YMCK-UV color ribbons are used to print single-sided full-color cards with black resin text or barcodes over the entire card. The fluorescing UV panel allows for grayscale text or images, only visible with ultraviolet (UV) light, to be printed.

The UV panel on the EDIsecure DIC10313 ribbon offers an economical way to include a highly effective anti-counterfeit security feature that is difficult to forge. These hidden images or text are ideal for use in creating government or corporate ID cards.

On the front side of the card:

  • Y - yellow panel
  • M - magenta panel
  • C - cyan panel
  • UV - fluorescing panel
  • K - black resin panel

EDIsecure card printers require specialized EDIsecure ribbons to function properly. To maximize printed card quality and printer durability, use only certified EDIsecure DIC10313 YMCK-UV ribbons. EDIsecure recommends cleaning your printer after each ribbon change.

Did you know that EDIsecure DIC10313 ribbons have a shelf life?

Dye-sublimation ribbons typically have a shelf life of up to one year, when stored under the proper conditions. Ribbons that are not properly stored, and are more than one year old, will not print optimally and will likely end up costing more in maintenance and more money in reprinting cards.

As an authorized EDIsecure reseller, ID Zone guarantees that our genuine EDIsecure DIC10313 color ribbons are stored properly and are always 'fresh'.

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EDIsecure DIC10313 Color Ribbon Specifications

    • Genuine EDIsecure part number DIC10313
    • YMCK-UV full-color ribbon with fluorescing UV panel
    • Prints 750 single-sided cards per roll
    • Requires retransfer film
    • EDIsecure DIC10313 YMCK-UV color ribbons are for use with the following EDIsecure XID printers:
      • XID 580i
      • XID 590i
      • XID 580ie
      • XID 590ie
      • XID 8300
      • XID 8600
      • XID 9300
      • XID 9330


Printer Compatibility580i, 590i, XID 580ie, XID 590ie, XID 8300, XID 8600, XID 9300, XID 9330
Ribbon TypeYMCK-UV