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This product is no longer available.

This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Zebra 800033-344 Color Ribbon - YMCKOO - 230 prints - DISCONTINUED


Compatible with: ZXP Series 3

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Zebra 800033-344 Color Ribbon Details

The Zebra 800033-344 YMCKOO DuraSecure ribbon for Zebra series 3 printers is a new and extremely flexible ribbon option for full color single-sided printing. While most single-sided ribbons include a single overlay panel at best, the DuraSecure 800033-344 includes two overlay (O) panels that can be utilized in different ways depending on your requirements. The first overlay panel is used to create a thin varnish coating across your cards to add an improved level of durability. This thin overlay coating can increase the lifespan of your cards by up to 50%. The second overlay panel can be utilized in a variety of ways. It can be applied accross the entire card surface, just like the first overlay panel, to further increase the protection added to you card. Alternativly, the second overlay panel can be used to print a pattern or mark on the cards. This pattern or mark shows up on the card as a faint but visible mark. This can be used to add additional, difficult to duplicate, visual security to your cards. The overlay pattern also fluoresces under UV light, allowing it to be used as a more covert mark on the card.

Genuine Zebra 800033-344 YMCKOO DuraSecure color ribbons are used to print single-sided full-color cards with black resin text or barcodes and two clear overlays that covers the entire card. The first O panel serves as an extra layer of protection from daily use. The second O panel can be used for images made of fluoresces that can only be seen under UV light, or to create watermarks and other images that can easily be seen to the human eye.

On the front side of the card:

  • Y - yellow panel
  • M - magenta panel
  • C - cyan panel
  • K - black resin panel
  • O - overlay panel
  • O - overlay panel

Zebra recommends using genuine Zebra 800033-344 YMCKOO ribbons and supplies to ensure the best performance from your Zebra ID printer.

Note: The Zebra 800033-344 DuraSecure ribbon is a new addition to the Zebra Series 3 printers. Use of the ribbon may require you to update your printer drivers to the newest version.

More Information
Additional Info
  • Manufacturer and item#: Zebra 800033-344
  • YMCKOO color ribbon
  • 230 prints per roll
  • Zebra 800033-344 is for use with Zebra ZXP Series 3 card printers
Printer CompatibilityZXP Series 3
Ribbon TypeYMCKOO