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Not all card printers print on both sides of the card.Learn More »

One side
Both sides

If you'll only be printing on one side of your cards, you'll need a single-sided card printer. Single-sided printers are ideal if your cards will include minimal information.

Choose 'One side' if your cards will only be printed on one side.

Dual-sided card printers print on both sides of the card in one process. They allow you to print on the back of your cards, leaving the front less cluttered. You can also print your card design on both sides of your cards so that the design is always visible, no matter how your card is turned.

Choose 'Both sides' if you have a large amount of info to place on your cards or need your ID to be visible at all times.

A retransfer printer is required for "over-the-edge" printing.Learn More »

Yes, one or both apply to me.
No, neither apply to me.

Card printers using direct-to-card technology leave an unprinted border around the cards. Printing too close to the card edge or printing on the uneven surface of technology cards can cause expensive printhead damage in direct-to-card printers.

Choose 'No, neither applies to me' if you don't need to print over-the-edge or to technology cards.

If you will be printing on technology cards or if printing on the entire surface of your cards is important, retransfer technology is recommended. Printhead damage is not an issue with this type of technology, making it ideal for printing 'over-the-edge' or to technology cards.

Choose 'Yes, one or both apply to me' if you do need to print over-the-edge or to technology cards.

Lamination adds a layer of durability and protection.Learn More »

Yes, I need added durability &/or security.
No, this doesn't apply to me.

Laminating card printers add a protective layer of laminate to cards during the printing process. Lamination protects your cards from wear, making them much more durable. Lamination is important if your cards will be swiped with a magnetic stripe reader, will be worn in the sun, or used in other harsh environments.

Holographic laminates increase durability and also make your cards more secure. The holographic design makes them very difficult to reproduce, protecting you from fraudulent card production.

Choose 'Yes, I need added durability &/or security' if your cards need the protection of lamination.

Ethernet capability is required to operate over a network.Learn More »

Yes, it will be networked.
No, it will not be networked.

To operate your card printing program on your network and allow multiple computers to connect to the printer, you'll need a printer with Ethernet connectivity. Although all card printers include USB connectivity, not all card printers offer an Ethernet option.

Choose 'Yes, it will be networked' if more than one computer needs to print to your card printer.

You will use a USB connection if you will never be printing to your card printer from more than one computer.

Choose 'No, it will not be networked' if only one computer will need to print to your card printer.

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