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What Questions Should I Ask Before Buying ID Software?

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What Questions Should I Ask Before Buying ID Software?

ID Software

All ID card software programs give you the ability to design and print cards, but some offer more advanced features and benefits than others. To help you decide which type and brand of ID card software is right for your application, consider the following questions:

Do I need the ID software to store my information?

If you want to be able to reprint lost cards without having to manually reenter cardholder information or re-upload images, or if you want to be able to quickly edit your data to reflect updated cardholder information in order to reissue an outdated ID, you need ID software with an internal database.

Some entry-level software packages do not include an internal database, which means that you will need to enter the necessary information every time you wish to issue or reissue a card. Our most popular software, CloudBadging, is a cloud-based solution that gives you the ability to input data, create badges, print cards, and manage your database from anywhere.

Will I operate the software on a network? 

If you will be sharing stored data or printing over a LAN or WAN, you need ID card software that supports network connectivity. Desktop ID card software providers typically offer master licenses that support network connectivity with the purchase of additional software seat licenses.

Cloud-based ID card software is the easiest and most affordable option for scaling your badge management application to serve a multi-device, multi-user environment - especially if you do not want to purchase duplicate licenses. With CloudBadging, an unlimited number of users can access and operate your ID software from anywhere using any internet-connected device.

Am I prepared to install and maintain my software, or do I need an IT-free solution?

CloudBadging requires zero installation and gives you immediate access to the latest version of the software every time you log in, so there’s no need to dedicate IT resources to a standard software deployment process. You will save both time and money by never needing to manually update your ID software with each new release. Plus, CloudBadging includes helpful video tutorials and resources for troubleshooting as you go, as well as world-class technical support - for free!

Desktop card design software requires local installation for every computer or device that will be used to access the program. The installation process will vary depending upon the device and operating system(s) used, so platform compatibility is important if you decide to purchase conventional ID card software.

How user-friendly do I need my software to be?

The ease of use of ID badge software can vary dramatically. Some applications require dedicated servers and IT support in order to be implemented, while cloud-based applications such as CloudBadging simply run in a web-browser. 

What kinds of card design capabilities do I need from my software?

ID card software provides a design interface with tools for custom creating ID badges with images, text, and barcodes. There are more advanced ID software solutions, however, that offer unlimited data fields, automatic field population, and exclusive capabilities. CloudBadging, for example, features a unique front-to-back cloning tool to save you time, plus snap-to-grid image placement.

Will I be printing two-dimensional barcodes? 

All ID card software, whether it’s conventional or cloud-based, enables you to print one-dimensional or traditional barcodes in various formats. If you need to print 2D barcodes on your printed badges, you will need mid-level software, fully-featured software, or CloudBadging cloud-based software. CloudBadging badge management software offers a selection of the most popular barcode formats in the industry: Code 39 & Code 128, UPC-A & UPC-E, Codabar, Code 11, QR Code, Datamatrix, and PDF-417.

So, what's the best ID card software? 

Choosing the best ID software for your identification and badge management needs can make or break your ID program. There are many ID card creation software options out there, and some are better than others. Our most popular software is CloudBadging because of its revolutionary approach to ID badge management. With cross-platform compatibility, low cost of ownership, an easy-to-use interface, and unprecedented operational flexibility, it is easy to see why.

For more information about CloudBadging, consult with one of our ID Experts. 

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