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How Can I Use My ID Card?

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How Can I Use My ID Card?

There are a number of ways to use the cards printed on an ID card printer. Why spend the extra money and time to have them outsourced when you can do it yourself? Here are just a few applications to make your ID system work for you:

Employee Identification

Business, manufacturing, hospital, etc.

  • Track time and attendance
  • Control building access
  • Store employee information

Student Badges

Elementary schools, private schools, universities, etc.

  • Track time and attendance
  • Use as a cafeteria debit card
  • Use for library or equipment checkout
  • Control student, staff, and faculty access

Membership Cards

Retail, health clubs, casinos, libraries, etc.

  • Offer membership perks 
  • Allow access to the facility during set hours

Loyalty/Reward Cards

Retail, health clubs, casinos, etc.

  • Offer discounts and savings to all or segmented customers
  • Encourage customers to visit frequently
  • Track valuable data to monitor inventory, item popularity, seasonal trends

Debit/Gift Cards

  • Issue store credit, debit, and gift cards on the spot  
  • Access individual customer shopping history, such as items purchased and prices

Access Control

Any business or organization

  • Allow cardholders to securely access your building
  • Easily deactivate access if needed

Multi-Use Cards

Any business or organization

  • Any combination of the above list (just like you, ID badges like to multi-task!)

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