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What Brand of Printer Should I Buy?

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What Brand of Printer Should I Buy?

ID cards have been around for decades. In the beginning, they were created by manually cutting and pasting information, including instant photos, onto card-sized pieces of paper, which were then laminated. While the cards served as a basic means of identification, they were not at all easy to create or durable and certainly not secure. Today, digital printers make plastic ID card creation easy, fast and economical to produce. Plastic, or PVC, cards are also durable and can be highly tamper-proof.

ID Zone sells and supports nine of the most reputable card printer brands: Fargo | Persona | Evolis | Zebra | Magicard | Nisca | Datacard | Digital ID EDIsecure | Polaroid | NBS ImageMaster

  • Founded in 1974 and acquired by HID in 2006.
  • A leading brand for ID card printing solutions.
  • Specialize in identity card issuance systems, including secure card printer/encoders, materials and software.
  • More than 120,000 systems sold in the U.S. and over 80 other countries worldwide.
  • Made by the Fargo brand.  
  • Easy-to-use printers for entry-level ID badge applications.
  • First card printer manufacturer to offer a 3 year warranty
  • Most Magicard printers feature HoloKote technology, an anti-counterfeiting visual security feature without the cost of overlaminates.
  • A European ID card printer brand.
  • Known for their printers’ unique and easily accessible “clam-shell” design and stylish colors.
  • Focused on making it easy for users to fully customize high quality plastic badges and ID cards on-demand.
  • Known for quality, reliability and user-friendliness.
  • Offer the only printers in the industry that print 24 bit images
  • First manufacturer to offer a modular laminating unit.
  • In addition to card printers, Zebra offers a broad range of printing solutions, such as bar code printers and RFID printing and encoding.
  • Merged with Eltron International, Inc, a manufacturer of plastic ID card printers in 1998.
  • Specialize in secure ID and card personalization solutions.
  • Ideal for high volume production of photo ID cards and smart cards.
  • Markets its ID card printers through the well-known brand name EDIsecure.
  • Feature some of the best print quality available in desktop card printing.
  • Designed to print large volumes of monochrome cards quickly, at an affordable price point.

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