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How Important is My Card’s Print Quality?

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How Important is My Card’s Print Quality?

As technology evolves, so does print quality. Today’s card printers have the ability to print crisp, life-like images. Learn about the following two printing technologies and the results they produce before purchasing your printer.

Direct-to-Card Technology

Direct-to-card technology is currently the most common form of card printing. The direct-to-card printing process transfers images directly onto PVC cards. Direct-to-card printers are available in a wide price range, with varying features and capabilities.

Is it right for me?

DTC is an economical choice for those where print quality is not a priority as the printer leaves an unprinted, white edge on cards.

Retransfer Technology

Retransfer technology is the latest printing technology, and is growing in popularity. Also known as "reverse transfer," this method applies images onto a special clear film that is then fused onto the surface of a blank card. Retransfer technology allows greater flexibility to print on a wider variety of cards, including proximity cards, smart cards, pre-punched cards, key tag cards, or any type of card with an uneven surface. Because retransfer printing prints images to a clear film, its print quality is superior, vibrant, and crisp.

Is it right for me?

Retransfer is an ideal choice for those requiring high quality, vibrant images and those with a need for advanced technology. It’s ideal for high security and large applications, especially when smart cards are used. 

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Rewrite technology requires special cards that are thermo-sensitive. This material allows data to become visible or invisible based on the temperature applied to it. Often used for visitor cards, rewriteable cards can be written to and erased hundreds of times, allowing you to personalize a single card many times over. Rewrite thermal printing prints in a single color, typically black or blue and doesn't require a ribbon.

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