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How Many Cards Will I Be Printing?

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How Many Cards Will I Be Printing?

It’s another important question to ask yourself before purchasing a printer: how many cards will you be printing over the course of a month or a year? Some printer models are equipped to print larger volumes of cards than others. For example, the Zebra P100i and the Magicard Pronto are single-card feed printers, meaning that cards need to be hand-fed, one-by one. Whereas some printers, such as the Evolis Quantum 2, Fargo DTC4500, and the NiSCA PR5350, have unique features that make them ideal for high capacity card printing.

On a similar note, how durable do your ID cards need to be? An average PVC card will last 1-2 years. Swiping bar codes or magnetic stripe card readers can wear on a card. It’s an important factor to consider, particularly for large organizations, as card replacement can be costly.

You can extend the life of your cards with an overlay or lamination. This requires a laminating printer. You may also choose a thicker card (cards vary from 10 mil to 30 mil thickness) or composite card that offers more durability and warp resistance. Check your printer’s specifications or talk with an ID specialist before purchasing cards to ensure that the card will feed into your printer.

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