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Go Green with Datacard's NEW SP and SP+ Printer Supplies!

Datacard is going green with their NEW and IMPROVED ribbons and laminates for your Datacard printer!

3 Important Things to Know About the NEW Datacard Supplies:

  1. They offer biodegradeable cores, enhanced performance, and a new lower price!
  2. The part number you're used to looking for is being replaced with a new part number. A complete listing of old part numbers & their corresponding new numbers is on this page below. What could be more simple??
  3. To be compatible with the new supplies, you may need to upgrade your SP or SP+ printer's firmware. For instructions on how to upgrade, read our GoGreen FAQs.

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What is the GoGreen Upgrade and why do I need to update my printer?
The new Datacard GoGreen supplies feature a new RFID tage that isn't compatible with the previous firmware. This tag communicates important information about the supply item to your printer. The new state-of-the-art supplies deliver the same superior print quality you expect form Datacard, plus:

  • Biodegradable cores
  • Improved operation
  • Lower cost

Will my existing (''old'') supplies stop working?
No, they will not stop working. Printers with updated firmware will be able to use both the new and older supplies.

Can I still order the ''old'' supplies after I upgrade my printer?
The old supplies are being discontinued and will no longer be produced after 12/31/11. Plus, there is no need to order old supplies after you updated and take advantage of the improvements!

Which card printer models require this update?

  • Datacard SP25 and SP25+
  • Datacard SP35 and SP35+
  • Datacard SP55 and SP55+
  • Datacard SP75 and SP75+

Can I install the new ribbon without first updating the firmware on my printer?
No, the printer will not recognize the new ribbon until you update your firmware.

I'm ready to update my firmware. What do I need to do?
Updating your firmware is easy and can be done online. Our instructions and the video tutories will walk you through the update step-by-step.

What if I still have questions?
If you have additional questions, please contact ID Wholesaler technical support.

Shop Datacard GoGreen Color Ribbons

Description Compatible Printer Models Old Part Number New Part Number
YMCKT Color Ribbon Kit SP25, SP25+ 552854-004 534000-112
ymcKT Half Panel Color Ribbon Kit SP25, SP25+ 552854-104 534000-113
YMCKT Color Ribbon Kit SP25, SP25+, SP35, SP35+, SP55, SP55+, SP75, SP75+ 552854-204 534000-002
YMCK Color Ribbon Kit SP75, SP75+ 552854-502 534000-008
YMCKT Color Ribbon Kit SP35, SP35+, SP55, SP55+, SP75, SP75+ 552854-504 534000-003
YMCKT-KT Color Ribbon Kit SP55, SP55+, SP75, SP75+ 552854-506 534000-006
KT Color Ribbon Kit SP35, SP35+, SP55, SP55+, SP75, SP75+ 552854-509 534000-005
YMCK-K Color Ribbon Kit SP75, SP75+ 552854-510 534000-009
YMCKF-KT Color Ribbon Kit SP75, SP75+ 552854-514 534000-011
YMCKT-K Color Ribbon SP55+, SP75+ 552854-520 534000-007
ymcKT HalfPanel Color Ribbon Kit SP35+, SP55+, SP75+ 552854-530 534000-004
KTT Color Ribbon SP75, SP75+ 552854-540 534000-010
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