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Symbol Handheld Scanner - LS4278 Bluetooth Enabled

Symbol Handheld Scanner - LS4278 Bluetooth Enabled

Item #: LS4278-TR
Retail Price: $658.50
Instant Savings: $60.50
Our Price: $598.00

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Symbol Handheld Scanner - LS4278 Bluetooth Enabled Options

Color Options:

Interface Options:

Power Supply Option:

Note: A 110VAC/60 HZ power supply is required, but NOT included with the LS4278 scanner.

Symbol Handheld Scanner - LS4278 Bluetooth Enabled Details

Symbol's state-of-the-art LS4278 cordless barcode scanner allows all users - from those on the check-out line of the library or retail store, to the healthcare worker verifying that their patient is receiving the right medication - to be productive, safe, and up and running quickly. With its Bluetooth technology, the Symbol LS4278 scanner delivers exceptional scanning - ANYWHERE in the workplace, and is an excellent choice for retail, healthcare or light industrial environments.

The LS4278's 'plug-and-play' functionality enables instant installation - right out of the box. Its intuitive design eliminates the need for training, allowing for both novice and experienced users the ability to perform at the same efficiency within minutes!

Integrated multi-interfaces and universal cables support connectivity with many hosts, ensuring compatibility with future technologies.

Produces Reliable Performance Results
The LS4278 handheld scanner was designed with superior motion tolerance, eliminating the need to wait between scans. Users don't have to be gymnasts to be able to get the right angle on scanning that hard-to-reach barcode because its multi-line rastering scan pattern takes out the need for exact aim and positioning. Accurate capture of even the smallest, stacked or poorly-printed barcode on the first scan is simple due to its vertical-moving laser line.

Its Bluetooth wireless personal area networking (WPAN) technology provides secure transmission of data between your Symbol LS4278 scanner and your host.

Cordless Adds Mobility and Decreases Risk of Injury
Users and customers no longer need to lift heavy items from the cart or run the risk of tripping over hazardous wires with this cordless scanner from Symbol. This eliminates the possibility of injury and its potential costs. Cordless scanning also allows users to move from behind the counter to check for any missed items in shopping carts. Workers can move within a 50 foot (15 meter) radius to scan items!

Offers a New Platform of Durability
Downtime yields nothing. This is why you need a scanner that is able to withstand rigorous use all day long. The LS4278's patented single board construction ousts the most common point of failure - the interconnection between multiple boards. Even if the scanner is accidentally dropped onto a concrete floor, its five foot (1.5 meter) drop specification ensures continuous and reliable operation. The scanner is equipped with a tempered glass window to eliminate scratching, and the cradle is equipped with drain points to protect from spills.

Proven reliability for 250,000 cradle insertions places the Symbol LS4278 in a class of its own, where other common charging techniques show wear around 5,000 and 10,000 insertions.

Symbol Handheld Scanner - LS4278 Bluetooth Enabled Specifications

  • Scanner dimensions are: 7.3'' (high) x 3.85'' (long) x 2.7'' (wide)
  • Scanner weight is: 8.4 oz (approximately)
  • Cradle dimensions are: 2.0'' (high) x 8.35'' (long) x 3.4'' (wide)
  • Cradle weight is: 6.4 oz (approximately)
  • Colors: Cash Register White or Twilight Black (please specify when ordering)
  • Power supply required: 110VAC/60HZ (NOT included; please specify when ordering)
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting

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