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Jolly ID Flow 6.5 Premier Edition ID Card Software - DISCONTINUED

Jolly ID Flow 6.5 Premier Edition ID Card Software - DISCONTINUED

Item #: IF6-PRE

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Jolly ID Flow IF6-PRE Premier Software Documentation

Find the latest version of the user manual at the link below:
- Jolly ID Flow User Manual

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Jolly ID Flow IF6-PRE Premier Software Details

Jolly ID Flow 6.5 Premier Edition ID Card Software is the advanced solution for organizations with multiple users or sites that require a shared data management package and added security. Jolly ID Flow Version 6.5 Premier Edition Software is the ideal software choice when you need batch updating and printing tools, import record capabilities, and the flexibility to customize the way your data is presented.

  • Quickly and easily issue cards
    The Jolly ID Flow 6.5 Software Card Issue Center is an easy-to-use interface for those regularly working with the data and printing cards. Users can quickly and easily move between card design files, enroll new cardholders, edit records and print cards in just a few clicks.

    The Premier Edition allows you to tailor your data entry screen so that it is optimal for your use. You can drag and drop record fields into place, rename fields, change fonts, colors and more! You can also create drop-down lists for fields that have limited options to ensure consistency and eliminate free-for-all entries. For example, you can create customized drop-down fields for selecting departments, job titles, etc.

  • Create professional-looking credentials
    The Jolly ID Flow 6.5 Card Designer Center provides a step-by-step setup wizard and a sample design library that will quickly help you get started with your application. Create one- or two-sided designs by simply clicking on design elements to insert and position them on your card. Design elements include text, images, shapes, barcodes, and magnetic stripes.

    Jolly ID Flow 6.5 allows you to design your cards using layers. Layers can help you better organize the design of your cards and stack objects to create visual appeal. You can configure your design layers to print only if certain database conditions are met. With this, you can eliminate the need for multiple card designs.

  • Access advanced capabilities
    The ID Flow Premier Edition also gives you the flexibility to add a 1-D or 2-D barcode or a captured signature or fingerprint. It can also encode magnetic stripes, read and write smart cards, read proximity cards, read and write MIFARE cards (with a Fargo or Evolis printer), and encode a UHF chip (with a Zebra printer). This data can also be stored in your preferred database with the cardholder's other information.

  • Secure your cards
    The Premier Edition empowers you to include security features in your card designs. Designs can be assigned an encrypted digital key that cannot be reproduced anywhere but on your network by an authorized user. You may also choose to add a watermarking feature to deter card counterfeiting.

  • Connect to an existing database (Access and SQL, Oracle, ODBC/OLE, and more)
    The Premier Edition is highly versatile because it uses an open data architecture that is not tied to an internal database. In a few steps, you can connect to databases such as Microsoft Access and SQL, Oracle and ODBC / OLE. You can freely search, add, edit and print records through Jolly ID Flow Enterprise Edition in a snap. This software is also equipped with pre-configured databases for corporate, education, government, healthcare and membership applications.

    The Premier Edition's filter design form allows even the novice user to build complex SQL statements for creating and storing database searches that your users frequently conduct.

  • Network with ease
    The Premier Edition allows you centrally manage all your users, groups and locations via a single company. Your company holds all card designs, database pathways, user rights, logs. This structure allows for simple administration, configuration, and reporting. Jolly ID Flow Premier Edition also features the powerful Command Line Interface that allows for easy control of your card projects through traditional third party Microsoft Windows or web applications.

  • Includes Jolly ID Flow Company Server
    The Jolly ID Flow Company Server manages and protects your data while providing the speed and reliability you need. The Jolly ID Flow Company SQL Server creates an impenetrable fortress for your data, user accounts, and configuration settings against unauthorized access. Never fret about server crashes or data loading hang-ups, the Jolly Company Server ensures business continuity with the utmost level of system availability. The Company Server has a dependable record of handling large amounts of data and workloads with ease.

  • Boost the security of your issuance process and the cards you distribute
    The Premier Edition allows you to configure password protection on your files to prevent unauthorized viewing or usage. You can also create user logins and set privileges to make data management and printing more secure. Detailed logs and reports help you monitor when, where and by whom your cards were issued and what data was modified. You can create your own custom reports, or view information via pre-configured logs.

  • Upgarde to added capabilities
    If you are already using a version of Jolly ID Flow software, it is easy to upgrade to Jolly ID Flow 6.5, the newest version.

Jolly ID Flow IF6-PRE Premier Software Specifications

Card Printing Capability: Full-color one-sided or two-sided (duplex) capabilities
Batch printing
Database Capability: MS Access
Excel, CSV/Text, MS SQL, My SQL/Oracle, and ODBC/OLE connectivity
Internal database with unlimited records
Encoding Options: 1-D (linear) and 2-D barcodes
Magnetic stripes
Smart card encoding
Card Management Capabilities: Import images
Add signatures
Logitech web camera and Canon Flash camera support
Add data fields - unlimited
UV and F panel printing
Options: Add Support Plan
Software Training - customized training makes getting up and running quick and easy
System Requirements: Microsoft Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 / 8
Pentium IV 1.8 Ghz
100 MB free disk space