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Fargo Consumables RFID Tag Update

HID Global has updated the technology in your Fargo ID card printer's ribbon or laminate.

What do you need to do? You may need to update the firmware so that your printer's consumables
can communicate with your printer and function properly.

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How Do I Update the Firmware?

There are two easy ways to complete the update:

1. Download and install the latest driver and firmware updates from HID Global.

- OR -

2. Download and install the latest firmware and driver updates within the FARGO Workbench 3 Utility and use its "Update Manager" from HID Global. A guide is available to understand how to use the Workbench to update printer firmware. 

Fargo Consumables Upgrade FAQs

Why is Fargo changing their ribbon technology?

Fargo is upgrading to use a newer, more advanced RFID technology.

Which Fargo ID card printer printers are affected by this update?

  • Persona C30/C30e
  • DTC300
  • DTC400/DTC400e
  • DTC550
  • HDP5000
  • DTC4500

What happens if I try to use a Fargo ribbon or laminate with the new RFID technology in a printer without updating my firmware?

Printers manufactured before 2010 may not communicate correctly with the new RFID tag and you will receive an error message. You will be required to update the printer and/or laminator firmware to add support for the new technology.

What if I use a ribbon or laminate with the old RFID technology after I've updated?

Your printer will work the same as it did before the firmware was upgraded.

How can I tell if my consumable includes an RFID tag with the new technology?

See the tag color reference chart at the right.

Go to HID's Drivers and Downloads Page

Fargo RFID Tag Color Reference Chart

Affected Printer or Laminator ConsumablesRFID LocationOld RFID ColorNew RFID Tag Color
DTC300, C30, C30e, M30, M30e RibbonsNot visibleNot visibleNot visible
DTC400 RibbonsNot visibleNot visibleNot visible
DTC550 and DTC550-LC RibbonsTransparent, white or greenRed
HDP5000 RibbonsTransparent, white or greenRed
DTC4500 and HDP5000 LaminatesTransparent, white or greenRed