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EDIsecure XID 590ie ID Card Printer Dual-Sided - Configurable - DISCONTINUED

EDIsecure XID 590ie ID Card Printer Dual-Sided - Configurable - DISCONTINUED

Item #: DIK10326

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The XID 590ie has been discontinued. Please see the XID 9330.
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Technical Support

Our team is able to assist you 7:30am-4:00pm CT, Monday-Friday. - See our tech support page for options.

What's In the Box:

  • Dual-sided XID 590ie retransfer printer
  • USB cable
  • Power cable
  • Printer driver CD
  • User manual
  • Empty ribbon cartridge - ribbon not included
  • Empty retransfer film cartridge - film not included
  • 100-card capacity output hopper
  • 1 cleaning card
  • Inspection gloves
  • 2 year printer warranty with lifetime printhead coverage

EDIsecure XID 590ie Printer Details

The EDIsecure XID 590ie retransfer printer is Digital ID's solution for producing top quality, duplex (two-sided) cards in record time. Enjoy high-performance printing and encoding that enables you to control up to 7 printers via 1 PC—allowing you to create an astonishing 840 cards per hour.

Despite the outstanding performance of the EDIsecure XID 590ie high performance retransfer printer, it is definitely easy to operate. Its user-friendly printer driver features an intuitive graphical user interface that provide alerts, auto ribbon detection, auto cleaning prompts and supply level status updates via the Media Status Monitor. The EDIsecure XID 590ie high performance duplex printer's Admin Center software allows for convenient handling of printer settings for every card type. In addition, it is equipped with a smart LCD display that provides printer status information via text messages, and traffic light-type changes in the color of the LCD display (e.g., green = go/OK, yellow = warning, red = problem/stop).

Blank card stock is loaded into a pull-out drawer that can accommodate 300 standard credit card size CR80 cards. Plus, cards can be added to the drawer while the printer is in production. Using the thickness selector built into the card supply drawer, accommodating varying card thicknesses is easy. Additional card drawers are available for customers that frequently alternate between card types.

Spools of the standard color ribbon (YMCK) and re-transfer film can print up to 1,000 single-sided cards before requiring replacement. Plus, supply replenishment is made easy with color-coded cartridges and convenient front access.

High quality printing on any card type.
The EDIsecure XID 590ie high performance retransfer printer features Enhanced Image Processing (EIP) that offers true over-the-edge printing with crisp, clear colors and flawless continuous tones on any card material (e.g., PVC, ABS, PET, Polycarbonate, etc.). It even produces superb results on technology cards with embedded electronics that exhibit uneven or bumpy surfaces.

Advanced standard features that protect your card data.
Protect your printing application and cards from counterfeiting and data tampering with the EDIsecure XID 590ie high performance duplex printer. Standard security features include encrypted data transfers through your network with IPSEC security, Security Erase of black data on used supplies, available UV ink ribbon to print invisible features on your cards, and printer password protection.

Encoding and lamination options.
Access rights, time and attendance, debit transactions and countless other functions can all be combined on one card. Whatever the application - barcode printing, magnetic stripe and/or smart card encoding - the EDIsecure XID 590ie high performance retransfer printer prints and encodes in a single step. Plus, chip encoding is now as easy as magnetic stripe encoding with Digital ID's Advanced Chip Encoding Framework (CEF). This toolkit provides integration of multiple encoding technologies through one easy-to-use plug-in.

In addition, the EDIsecure Inline Lamination Unit option will increase card durability, and combat card counterfeiting and tampering. Digital ID provides lamination material in varying thicknesses, in clear or holographic designs, and can be customized with the details that you require. This laminator can also be purchased with an optional ILU Turn-Over Unit to perform duplex (or two-sided) lamination.

Produce up to 840 cards per hour with batch printing capabilities.
The EDIsecure XID 590ie high performance duplex printer features Advanced Intelligent Printer Management (IPM), a unique printer driver tool that allows for mass card production by allowing up to 7 printers to be connected on a single server. All your print jobs and accompanying encoding data are routed securely to the correct printer.

If a printer runs out of ribbon, cards or other supplies, the next print job in the queue moves to the next available printer, along with its encoding data. The EDIsecure XID 590ie ensures that a card with non-functional electronics is never issued because it encodes and verifies your cards prior to printing. Non-functional cards are simply ejected out the right side of the printer, the encoding data is written to the next blank card in line, and if successful, is moved along for printing. You'll never need to worry about issuing a non-functional card!

EDIsecure XID 590ie Printer Specifications

EDIsecure XID 590ie Dual-Sided ID Card Printer

Card Printing Capability: Single-sided & dual-sided printing
Color/Monochrome Printing Capability: Color & monochrome printing
Card Printing Speeds: 30 seconds per single-sided full-color (YMCK) card
*Prints a full-color, dual-sided card in just over 4 seconds using the batch print capability
Card Hopper Capacity: 300-card input hopper
100-card output hopper
Accepted Card Size: CR80 (standard credit card size)
Accepted Card Thickness: 10-80 mil
Interface: USB 2.0 & Ethernet
Available Software Drivers: Microsoft® Windows® 2000, XP, Vista - 32- & 64-bit, & Windows 7 - 32- & 64-bit
Weight & Dimensions: 48.5 lbs (22 kg), 13.5'' x 15'' x 13.7'' (343mm x 381mm x 348mm)
Included with Printer:
  • 3 year (all parts & labor) printer and lifetime printhead warranty - with proper maintenance
  • Power cable
  • USB cable
  • Printer Driver CD
  • User manual
  • Empty ribbon cartridge - ribbon not included
  • Empty retransfer film cartridge - film not included
  • 100-card output hopper
  • 1 cleaning card
  • Inspection gloves
Printer Options: Encoding -
  • Magnetic stripe - field-upgradeable
  • Contact chip encoding
  • Contactless chip encoding - MIFARE, DESFire, HID iClass, Legic, etc.
  • Chip encoder plug-in for Advanced Chip Encoding Framework (CEF)
  • Prepared for LaserCard encoding (including OptiChip)
Inline Lamination Unit
Extended warranties through ID Zone with option to add loaner coverage to manufacturer warranty

EDIsecure XID 590ie Retransfer Card Printer Models

Part NumberUSB/Ethernet InterfaceMagnetic EncodingContact Chip Encoding*

*Requires chip controller

ID Zone offers all available EDIsecure XID 590ie encoding options. Please contact us at (800) 910-5987 if your encoding requirements are not listed above.

Printed Card Approximate Cost

Cost per card is based on the use of composite cards.

 MSRPOur PriceYour Savings Per Card
Single-Sided Color (YMCK)$0.67$0.58$0.09
Dual-Sided Color (YMCKK)$0.86$0.75$0.11
Retransfer Film (one-side)$0.09$0.08$0.01

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