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CardExchange 6 Prol ID Card Software - DISCONTINUED

CardExchange 6 Prol ID Card Software - DISCONTINUED

Item #: CE5040

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ExchangeIT CE5040 Software Details

An easy-to-use interface
Start producing cards in just four clicks! CardExchange Professional ID software features a user-friendly Microsoft Office-inspired interface with unlimited card layouts. Each card layout can have its own unique database connection or printer selection. For increased usability, CardExchange Professional features ''Guru Peedy,'' powered by Microsoft Agent 2.0, that makes learning how to use the software easy and natural. When you need assistance, the ''Guru'' provides step-by-step instructions.

Powerful database connections
CardExchange Professional can easily connect to an MS Excel or CSV file with the user-friendly database connection wizard. For easy database maintenance, you can insert and update new records to your MS Excel file within the CardExchange software. The Professional edition of CardExchange offers the first unique number generator for MS Excel files, as MS Excel in unable to generate unique keys. The Professional edition also support drop-down boxes in you data edit window and powerful storage options to store anything you want in the connected database.

Advanced filter technology
Easily search and filter data from connected databases with the Professional level edition of the CardExchange software. The powerful search function can auto-fill the name list - simply start typing and the list will display the results! Additionally, the Professional edition offers an advanced three-level filter technology that allows you to protect data that you don't want to show to the end user, configure filter buttons for database queries, and search for data within the connected database. This allows CardExchange to conform to your specific performance and security requirements.

Group and user management tools
CardExchange Professional allows you to create groups, add a user to groups, and set policies for the group and/or user. The administrator can define what tasks certain users and groups are able to access within the software. This security feature can be easily activated with just a couple of clicks.

Add contactless power - when you need it
CardExchange makes upgrading to contactless encoding easy! Simply purchase an upgrade key to unlock additional encoding capabilities and other added functionality included in CardExchange Ultimate. CardExchange Ultimate gives you access to the leading technology for contactless encoding - supporting all MIFARE classic range with the ability to search for free sectors on your MIFARE card. Additionally, you can define the items you need to be read from or encoded on to the contactless card. In combination with portable, 128-bit encrypted definition files, your information is secure and can be reused for as many cards as necessary.

Upgrade to PhotoExchange Pro
PhotoExchange Standard allows you to control your ID camera - such as a Canon camera, Logitech webcam, or any other DirectShow-supporting camera - within your CardExchange software. With this, you can take high-quality images in a quick, easy-to-use, stable way. Upgrade to PhotoExchange Pro for additional features, including face recognition technology that makes editing your photos simple - no cropping or editing needed!

Easy to install and upgrade
Go green! All CardExchange editions can be downloaded online - no CD required! Everything you configure while using the trial version will be moved over to the full edition of the software when you buy a license. When you purchase or upgrade CardExchange software, simply order a license for the desired edition, activate it, and you're on your way!

ExchangeIT CE5040 Software Specifications

CardExchange 6 Professional ID Card Software

Card Printing Capability: Full-color one-sided or two-sided (duplex) capabilities
Batch printing
Database Capability: MS Access
CSV/Text, MS Excel, MS SQL, MySQL, and ODBC/OLE
Internal database with unlimited records
Encoding Options: 1-D (linear) and 2-D barcodes
Magnetic encoding options
Card Management Capabilities: Import images
Add signatures
Integrated photo capture
Add data fields - unlimited
Options: Upgrade to Ultimate editions
Software Training - customized training makes getting up and running quick and easy
System Requirements: Dual Core processor with 1024 Mb RAM (not required but recommended)
200Mb of free disk space
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher
MS Windows XP with Service Pack 3
MS Windows Vista (32- & 64-bit) with Service Pack 2
MS Windows 7 (32- & 64-bit)