CR80 30 Mil Earth-friendly HiCo Mag Stripe bioPVC Cards - 500 Cards

CR80 30 Mil Earth-friendly HiCo Mag Stripe bioPVC Cards - 500 Cards

Item #: BIOPVC-CR8030HI
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BIOPVC-CR8030HI Cards Details

Biodegradable hi-co mag stripe PVC cards are made of 99% PVC that fully biodegrades within nine months to five years of continual exposure to microogranisms. Biodegradable PVC cards are similar to 100% PVC cards in that they maintain their integrity under normal, everyday use. Biodegradation takes place only when the cards are in a fertile environment in which microorganisms are present (e.g., soil, compost, trash dump, water, etc.).

Bio CR8030 high coercivity mag stripe cards are designed for use in direct-to-card printers with encoding capabilities. HiCo mag stripe cards require a higher level of magnetic energy to encode and, therefore, are able to store information more securely than low coercivity magnetic stripe cards. This makes information on high coercivity mag stripe cards harder to erase and most resistant to damage from most magnets or magnetic fields. As a result, high coercivity cards are ideal for applications where the cards will be frequently swiped or need to have a long life, such as access control and/or time and attendance cards. Generally, high coercivity cards have black magnetic stripe and low coercivity cards have a brown magnetic stripe.

Measuring 3.375'' x 2.125'' (the size of a credit card) and 30 mil thick, hico bio PVC cards are graphic quality and are the standard, most commonly used plastic card size. CR80 30 mil bio cards are also known as CR8030 or CR80.030 bio cards. These graphic-quality bio CR8030 hico cards are vision inspected for quality and packaged in five shrink-wrapped packs of 100 for a total of 500 cards.

BIOPVC-CR8030HI Cards Specifications

CR80 30 mil white graphic-quality earth-friendly bio PVC cards with a high coercivity mag stripe. Quantity - 500 cards

  • ID Zone part number BIOPVC-CR8030HI
  • 500 cards per pack
  • Blank, white 99% PVC cards
  • Track 3 high coercivity magnetic stripe
  • CR80 - standard credit card size
  • 30 mil thickness
  • Biodegradable within 9 months to 5 years when disposed of

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