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Fargo 88550 HDP8500 Dual-Sided Printer + Flattener

Fargo 88550 HDP8500 Dual-Sided Printer + Flattener

Item #: 88550

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ID Zone Advantage

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  • High definition, high demand printer for printing secure, multi-function dual-sided cards
  • Printer features: card flattener, vivid, high-definition printing, built-in security features, air filtration system, and easy-to-use touch screen display
  • Upgrade options: extended warranty plans

What's In the Box:

  • HDP8500 dual-sided printer
  • Card Flattener
  • USB cable
  • US/international power cords
  • CD with printer drivers and user guide
  • 3 year printer warranty with lifetime printhead coverage

Fargo HDP8500 88550 Details

Designed to meet the demand and security needs of large organizations, the industrial Fargo HDP8500 dual-sided printer and flattener delivers reliable, high duty performance and vivid, high definition printing. The Fargo HDP8500 dual-sided card printer with card flattener is loaded with unique features, including dual input hoppers, a built-in air filtration system, and enhanced card and consumable material handling. Built-in security features ensure the system is protected from unauthorized use. Plus it includes a 3-year printer warranty and a lifetime printhead warranty.

  • Achieve high quality results with high definition printing
    The HDP8500 dual-sided printer with card flattener produces vivid, photographic-quality images. A traditional dye sublimation printer's ribbon and cards come in direct contact with the printhead which can affect image quality and even cause damage to your printhead if you are using cards with smart chips or embedded antennas and circuits. On the other hand, the Fargo HDP8500 88550 printer prints on an HDP film that is then fused to your card via heat and pressure, producing a flawless image on any surface. It's an ideal choice for technology cards. Additionally, HDP also adds durability and protection to your cards; it acts as a 'buffer' from everyday wear and tear and is highly tamper-evident.

  • Protect your card printing program with built-in security features
    The Fargo 88550 offers the highest level of security available on the market. Physical locks on all access points protect the ribbon, film, and printed and unprinted cards. It uses advanced encryption standard (AES) 256 and a resin-erase feature to remove personal data on ribbon panels to protect electronic data. Plus, electronic PIN access can be required to accept print jobs.

  • Get our high demand needs met
    The Fargo 88550 is designed to meet the needs of large government entities, service bureaus, universities, and large enterprises. The printer has multi-processing capabilities to improve productivity; for example, the system can print a card while encoding a second card and laminating a third. Its heavy duty metal enclosure, powerful stepper motors, and dual input hoppers allow the printer to endure long print shifts with minimal operator intervention.

  • Print in challenging environments
    Non-climate controlled areas, high heat, and dust are no match for the Fargo 88550. It is designed to withstand the most challenging operating environments. Card debris is removed with in-line cleaning stations, while airflow and filtration system, dust seals, and internal temperature sensors maintain optimal printing conditions within the unit.

  • Create durable, secure cards
    The Fargo 88550 allows you to implement a number of card security features, including UV printing, holographic retransfer film, holographic lamination, and more. It also produces durable cards due to the retransfer film. Clear and holographic lamination provides additional card durability and security, plus you can optionally use an extra durable retransfer film for greater abrasion resistance.

  • Connect your printer to your network
    Operate your card printing program safely and seamlessly over your network with the Fargo 88550's built-in Ethernet connectivity and internal print server. The printer is additionally fitted with USB connectivity.

  • Operate and maintain the printer with ease
    An industry first, the Fargo 88550's 3.2'' touch screen display provides easy-to-understand status messages and instructions.

  • Wifi Connectivity - Optional
    Add additonal connectivity to your printer with the Fargo WiFi module for ethernet connected printers. Adding the module allows your printer to connect to available wireless networks instead of requiring a physical cable (Add wifi module to your printer in the Options tab.)

  • Card flattener
    To prevent card warping, the Fargo 88550 includes a card flattener, a highly recommended feature for those using heat-sensitive PVC cards.

  • Extended warranty plans - Optional
    ID Zone offers extended warranty plans with satisfaction-guaranteed service handled by our in-house, knowledgeable technical support team. Our extended warranty plans include support via a toll-free number or live chat, total parts replacement plus labor, and fast turn-around on printer repairs. (See Fargo HDP8500 Extended Warranty Plans)

  • Card printer training - Optional
    A training session with our in-house Technical Support team will get your new Fargo HDP8500 card printer up and running in no time. Your training will be tailored around your specific printer and the specific topics you would like assistance with. A typical printer training session may cover topics such as:
    • Card printer installation assistance
    • A review of the printer's user interface
    • How to load the ribbon and cards
    • Special printer features
    (Add training to your printer order in the Options tab.)

  • Scalable Upgrades
    The flexibility of the HDP8500 allows you to upgrade your printer for added productivity and functionality at any time. Fargo 88550 optional upgrades include:
    • Magnetic Stripe, Contact, and Contactless Card Encoding - as your technology needs grow, the HDP8500 allows you to add the card encoding options you need - even combining multiple card encoding options in a single printer.
    • Dual-Sided Simultaneous Lamination - efficiently laminate both sides of your cards with clear or holographic lamination for additional card security and durability.
    • Andon Production Status Light Module - this highly-visible printer status indicator light can be seen from across a room, for increased productivity.

Fargo HDP8500 88550 Specifications

Card Printing Capability: Single-sided & dual-sided printing
Card Printing Speeds: 24 seconds per single-sided full-color (YMC) card
29 seconds per single-sided full-color (YMCK) card
40 seconds per dual-sided full-color (YMCKK) card
Card Hopper Capacity: Dual 200-card input hoppers
200-card output hopper
Accepted Card Size: CR80 - standard PVC or PET (CR80 is the size of a standard credit card)
Accepted Card Thickness: 30-50 mil
Interface: USB & Ethernet with internal print server
Available Software Drivers: Microsoft® Windows® 2000, XP, Windows Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10; Linux
Mac OS X v10.4/v10.5
Weight & Dimensions: 61 lbs (27.7 kg), 15.5'' H x 28.2'' W x 14.0'' D (394mm x 716mm x 356mm)
Included with Printer:
  • 3 year printer and lifetime printhead warranty
  • USB cable
  • US/international power cords
  • CD with printer drivers and user guide
Printer Options: Field Upgradable Encoding Modules -Simultaneous duplex lamination module
Card flattener module - Included
Andon light module
WiFi Accessory for Fargo Ethernet-enabled Printers
Extended warranties through ID Zone

Fargo HDP8500 Dual-Sided Card Printer Models

Part Number USB & Ethernet Interface Magnetic
Smart Card
Prox Card
Smart Card
Docking Station
Card Flattener

ID Zone offers all available Fargo HDP8500 encoding options. Please contact us at (800) 910-5987 or Live Chat if your encoding requirements are not listed above.

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Fargo HDP8500 88550 Support & Downloads

Fargo HDP8500 88550 Downloads

Visit the Fargo support page to find the latest HDP8500 drivers and firmware - Fargo Support: HDP8500 Firmware and Drivers

Fargo HDP8500 88550 Documentation

Below are the latest versions of the Fargo HDP8500 user manuals:
- Need a different document or guide for the Fargo DTC1000? Visit the Fargo support page.

Fargo HDP8500 88550 Extended Warranty Plans

Extended Warranties & Registration - Extended Warranty Plans

Technical Support

Our team is able to assist you 7:30am-4:00pm CT, Monday-Friday. - See our tech support page for options.