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Datacard DuraGard 1.0 mil Holographic 'Secure Globe' Laminate - DISCONTINUED

Datacard DuraGard 1.0 mil Holographic 'Secure Globe' Laminate - DISCONTINUED

Item #: 503862-103

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This ribbon has been discontinued and replaced by the new 504971-002 ribbon.
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Datacard 503862-103 Laminate Details

Genuine Datacard 503862-103 1.0 mil Secure Globe holographic laminate decreases wear-and-tear on your printed cards, protects them from fading, and increases card durability by adding a layer of protection to them. (Note: laminate is sometimes also referred to as overlaminate or overlamination.)

The Datacard 503862-103 laminate is embedded with Datacard's Secure Globe holographic design, which increases the security of your cards from tampering and counterfeiting attempts.

In order to laminate a card with your Datacard 503862-103 laminate, a printer with lamination capability is required.

To maintain the warranty on your Datacard printer, optimize the use of your printer, and maximize the quality of your printed cards, use only genuine Datacard 503862-103 laminate ribbons.

Did you know that Datacard 503862-103 laminates have a shelf life?

Laminate ribbons typically have a shelf life of up to one year, when stored under the proper conditions. Laminates that are not store properly, and are more than one year old, will not print optimally and will likely end up costing more time in maintenance and more money in reprinting cards.

As an authorized Datacard reseller, ID Zone guarantees that our genuine Datacard 503862-103 holographic laminates are stored properly and are always 'fresh',

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Datacard 503862-103 Laminate Specifications

  • Genuine Datacard 503862-103 holographic laminate
  • Replaces Datacard 562763-003
  • 'Secue Globe' holographic overlaminate, full-card
  • 1.0 mil thickness
  • 300 imprints per roll
  • Includes an earth-friendly, biodegradable core
  • For use with the Datacard SP75 and SP75 Plus card printers - a firmware upgrade is REQUIRED
    • See the Support & Downloads tab for details on the GoGreen update and to download the required GoGreen firmware update.

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Datacard 503862-103 Laminate Support & Downloads

Datacard 503862-103 Laminate Downloads

Your Datacard SP or SP+ printer requires firmware version 2.0 or later in order to use this ribbon. Follow the steps below to easily upgrade!

Find your Operating System below to get started:

Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows Server 2008
Windows XP
Windows Server 2003
Windows 2000
Windows NT
Print the Firmware Update Instructions for Windows for reference.
Download the GoGreen Firmware for Windows now (78mb).
Windows 98SE Print the Firmware Update Instructions for Windows 98SE for reference.
Download the GoGreen Firmware for Windows 98SE now (78mb).

For additional assistance, watch the video tutorial below.

Datacard GoGreen Firmware Upgrade Tutorial Video

Technical Support

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