Fargo DTC4000 Single-Sided Printer - DISCONTINUED

Fargo DTC4000 Single-Sided Printer - DISCONTINUED

Item #: 48000

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The 48000 DTC4000 single-sided card printer has been discontinued. Please see the new-and-improved Fargo DTC4250e Printer.
Looking for ribbons for your DTC4000 printer? Please try our Supplies Finder.
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Fargo 48000 DTC4000 Printer Downloads

Fargo 48000 DTC4000 Printer Downloads

Visit the Fargo support page to find the latest DTC4000 drivers and firmware - Fargo Support: DTC4000 Firmware and Drivers

Fargo 48000 DTC4000 Printer Documentation

Below are the latest versions of the Fargo DTC4000 user manuals:

Fargo 48000 DTC4000 Printer Extended Warranty Plans

Extended Warranties & Registration - Extended Warranty Plans

Technical Support

Our team is able to assist you 7:30am-4:00pm CT, Monday-Friday. - See our tech support page for options.


  • Direct-to-card printer for printing single-sided cards when low to high security is needed
  • Printer features: same-sided input/output hopper, dual hopper, password protection, rewrite printing capability
  • Upgrade options: upgradeable to duplex printing anytime, encoding, Ethernet, and extended warranty and loaner coverage plans

What's In the Box:

  • Single-sided DTC4000 card printer
  • USB cable
  • Power cords (US & International)
  • Printer driver and user manual CD
  • 2 year printer & printhead warranty with 1 year loaner coverage

Fargo 48000 DTC4000 Printer Details

The Fargo 48000 DTC4000 single-sided ID card printer has the flexibility to work with you now and into the future. It creates brilliant ID badges and crisp barcodes and digital signatures for employee access cards, membership cards, and more! Its effortless all-in-one print ribbon and cleaning cartridges makes for convenient and simplified loading and maintenance.

  • Go anywhere!
    The compact design allows the Fargo DTC4000 single-sided card printer to easily accommodate any desktop.
  • Operate and maintain your printer with ease
    The Fargo DTC4000 single-sided printer offers an intuitive interface for ease-of-use straight from the box. The Fargo DTC4000 48000 printer offers color-changing status buttons to help you to easily identify the status of the printer, while a convenient all-in-one print ribbon and cleaning cartridge makes maintenance a breeze. Additionally, the DTC4000 single-sided printer features a built-in erase and rewrite function to help reduce the waste of short-lived, temporary ID cards, such as visitor badges.
  • Access the technology your application requires
    The DTC4000 single-sided printer produces ID cards using dye-sublimation printing for vivid color and accurate images and thermal transfer printing for sharp black text and readable barcodes. It has the industry's first inline card printing and technology card encoding with one connection using the standard USB connection or optional Ethernet connectivity. Plus, the DTC4000 single-sided printer can print on 9 mil to 40 mil thick cards, allowing it to easily accommodate sophisticated access control badges and smart cards.

Customize your printer to your needs with:

  • Dual-sided printing - Optional (upgrade any time)
    Please see the Fargo DTC4000 Dual-Sided ID Card Printer for duplex printing capability.
  • Ethernet connectivity - Optional (upgrade any time)
    To allow remote printer sharing by many users on a network, the Fargo 48100 can be equipped with Ethernet connectivity with an internal print server.
  • Card encoding - Optional (upgrade any time)
    The Fargo 48100 offers several encoding options, including magnetic stripe, contact or contactless smart card, and proximity card encoding. You can upgrade anytime to mag stripe encoding; smart card or prox card encoding must be added as the time of printer purchase.
  • Same-side input/output hopper - Optional (upgrade any time)
    To fit the printer into tight workspaces, the Fargo 48100 can be equipped with a same-side input/output hopper.
  • Dual-input card hopper - Optional (upgrade any time)
    To increase printing capacity from 100 cards to 200 cards, an optional dual-input card hopper is available.
  • Extended warranty and printer loaner plans - Optional
    ID Zone offers extended warranty plans with satisfaction-guaranteed service handled by our in-house, knowledgeable technical support team. Our extended warranty plans include support via a toll-free number or live chat, total parts replacement plus labor, and fast turn-around on printer repairs. In the event your printer needs to be sent to us for repair, our loaner plans help ensure your card printing can continue. With printer loaner coverage, we'll send you a loaner printer to use while yours is in for repair.

  • Card printer training - Optional
    A training session with our in-house Technical Support team will get your new Fargo DTC4000 card printer up and running in no time. Your training will be tailored around your specific printer and the specific topics you would like assistance with. A typical printer training session may cover topics such as:
    • Card printer installation assistance
    • A review of the printer's user interface
    • How to load the ribbon and cards
    • Special printer features

Fargo 48000 DTC4000 Printer Specifications

Fargo 48000 DTC4000 Single-Sided ID Card Printer - DISCONTINUED

Card Printing Capability: Single-sided printing
Color/Monochrome Printing Capability: Color & monochrome printing, plus rewrite capability
Card Printing Speeds: 7 seconds per single-sided monchrome (K) card
24 seconds per single-sided full-color (YMCKO) card
Card Hopper Capacity: 100-card input hopper
100-card output hopper
100-card reject hopper - Requires same-side input/output card hopper
Accepted Card Size: CR80 - standard PVC or PET (CR80 is the size of a standard credit card)
CR79 - adhesive-back (CR79 is slightly smaller than the size of a standard credit card)
Accepted Card Thickness: 9-40 mil
Note: Mylar-backed thin cards are recommended
Interface: USB 2.0, optional Ethernet with internal print server (Add to your printer within the Options tab)
Available Software Drivers: Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows Server 2003 & 2008, Vista (32- & 64-bit), Windows 7 (32- & 64-bit); Windows 8 (32-bit & 64-bit)*; Linux**,
Mac OS X v10.5 and v10.6
Driver includes Fargo Workbench Printer Utility & Swift ID™ Embedded Badging Application

* Windows 8 drivers must be downloaded from the Fargo website.
**For Linux version compatibility specifications, please see the printer brochure or call us at (800) 910-59875 x2.
Weight & Dimensions: 8 lbs (3.63 kg), 18.1'' x 9.8'' x 9.2'' (460mm x 249mm x 234mm)
Included with Printer:
  • 2 year printer and printhead warranty - unlimited passes with ID Zone purchased cards - with 1 year loaner printer coverage
  • USB cable
  • US/International power cords
  • CD with printer drivers & user guide
Printer Options: Encoding -
  • ISO magnetic stripe - field upgradeable
  • Contact smart card encoding - factory ordered
  • HID Prox reader - factory ordered
  • iClass, MIFARE, ISO read/write encoder - factory ordered
Ethernet with internal print server
Dual-sided printing module - field-installable
Same-side input/output hopper - field-installable
dual-input card hopper - field-installable
Extended warranties through ID Zone with option to add loaner coverage to manufacturer warranty

Fargo DTC4000 Single-sided Card Printer Models

Part Number USB Interface Ethernet w/ Internal Print Server Magnetic Encoding HID Prox Encoding

ID Zone offers all available Fargo DTC4000 encoding options. Please contact us at (800) 910-5987 or Live Chat if your encoding requirements are not listed above.

Printed Card Approximate Cost

  MSRP Our Price Your Savings Per Card
Single-Sided Monochrome $0.13 $0.10 $0.03
Single-Sided Color (YMCKO) $0.49 $0.38 $0.11

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