HID 1586 ISOProx II PVC-PET Cards - PROGRAMMED - 100 Cards

HID 1586 ISOProx II PVC-PET Cards - PROGRAMMED - 100 Cards

Item #: 1586-Corp
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HID 1536 PVC-PET Cards + Mag Options

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HID 1536 PVC-PET Cards + Mag Details

Combine photo identification and proximity technology all on a single card with HID 1586 Corporate 1000 proximity cards. HID 1586 Corporate 1000 cards allow for increased visual security and anti-counterfeiting with optional holograms, UV fluorescent inks, micro-printing, or a custom logo.

HID 1586 ISOProx II PET Card Features:

  • Universally compatible with HID prox readers
  • Numbers are printed on the exterior of the card for easy control and identification
  • Meets card thickness ISO standards
  • May be used with all direct-to-card and retransfer printers
  • Extremely consistent read range
  • Cross-reference list correlating the external card number and the programmed ID number for easy system administration
  • 137+ billion unique codes ensure security
  • Strong and durable design that is resistant to breaking and cracking
  • RF-programmable

HID 1536 PVC-PET Cards + Mag Specifications

HID 1586 ISOProx II programmed composite PVC-PET proximity cards - 100 Cards

  • Part number: 1586
  • Quantity: 100 cards per package
  • Composite PET (40% Polyester / 60% PVC) cards - printable
  • Corporate 1000 Formats:
    • Corporate 1000 - 35 (35 bit), for users registered for the Corporate 1000 program prior to February, 2015
    • Corporate 1000 - 48 (48 bit), for users registered for the Corporate 1000 program after February, 2015
  • 125 kHz proximity
  • Dimensions: 2.125'' x 3.370'' x 0.030''
  • Vertical or horizontal slot punch
  • Choose your card configuration in the Options tab
  • PET cards are recommended when using a printer with retransfer technology or lamination
  • HID prox card/fob prices INCLUDE programming

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