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TIMEbadge 06151 Thermal-Printable Expiring Badges - One Day - Qty. 1,000

TIMEbadge 06151 Thermal-Printable Expiring Badges - One Day - Qty. 1,000

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Item#: 06151

LIMITED TIME: All orders ship FREE!

• Qty. 1,000
• 2.875" W x 1.875"
• One Day
• Choose design

Limited Time: All Orders Ship FREE!
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TIMEbadge 06151 Expiring Badges Details

TEMPbadge TIMEbadge one-day thermal-printable expiring badges gradually expire, revealing a red color change, which is highly visible from a distance. For use with your current visitor software system.

TIMEbadge one-day expiring badges allow for customization - display your company name, logo, visitor's name, etc. Simply print the desired information on the badge, peel away the liner, press the FRONT- and BACKparts together, and issue to your visitor. These visitor badges are ideal for high visitor traffic areas.

No matter what your ID badge needs are, we have got you covered! Print your thermal TEMPbadges with ease from any standard thermal label prints that accepts labels the horizontal width of your badges. Check out one of the favorite Zebra GC420d or the inexpensive Dymo LaberWriter 450 printers. You can print ID badges from your existing label software or any word processor (Microsoft word, excel, etc) - no specialized software required. If you are seeking additional benefits such as reporting, badge layout, upload functionality or other enhancements, you may also want to consider the user-friendly TEMPbadge Visitor Management System.

Note: It is not recommended to apply adhesive badges to delicate materials such as corduroy, silk, vinyl, leather, or suede.

Don't forget to order badge clips when ordering clip-on BACKparts!

TIMEbadge 06151 Expiring Badges Options

BACKpart Options:
Visitor Clip-On
Item # 05913

<b>Visitor Clip-On</b> <br>Item # 05913</br><br></br>
Temp Clip-On
Item # 05938

<b>Temp Clip-On</b><br>Item # 05938</br><br></br>
Vendor Clip-On
Item # 05937

<b>Vendor Clip-On</b><br>Item # 05937</br><br></br>
Contractor Clip-On
Item # 05915

<b>Contractor Clip-On</b><br>Item # 05915</br><br></br>
Employee Clip-On
Item # 05916

<b>Employee Clip-On</b><br>Item # 05916<br><br><br>
Yellow 129 Clip-On
Item # 05902

<b>Yellow 129 Clip-On</b><br>Item # 05902</br><br></br>
Red 185 Clip-On
Item # 05903

<b>Red 185 Clip-On</b><br>Item # 05903</br><br></br>
Reflex Blue Clip-On
Item # 05904

<b>Reflex Blue Clip-On</b><br>Item # 05904</br><br></br>
Green Clip-On
Item # 05905

<b>Green Clip-On</b><br>Item # 05905</br><br></br>
Pr Blue Clip-On
Item # 05906

<b>Pr Blue Clip-On</b><br>Item # 05906</br><br></br>
Purple Clip-On
Item # 05907

<b>Purple Clip-On</b><br>Item # 05907<br><br><br>
White Clip-On
Subtract $4

Item # 06027

<b>White Clip-On<br>Subtract $4</b><br>Item # 06027</br></br>
Violet Clip-On
Item # 05908

<b>Violet Clip-On</b><br>Item # 05908<br><br><br>
Black Clip-On
Item # 05909

<b>Black Clip-On</b><br>Item # 05909<br><br><br>
Adhesive (3''x2'')
Item # 06032

<b>Adhesive (3''x2'')</b><br>Item # 06032<br><br><br>
Vertical Clip-On
Item # 06054

<b>Vertical Clip-On</b><br>Item # 06054<br><br><br>
FRONTpart Only
Subtract $44

Badge Clips Options:
Limited Time: All Orders Ship FREE!
Our Gift to You!: Earn up to a $500 gift card

Need a Complete Visitor Management System?

If you are looking for additional benefits such as reporting, custom badge designs, and more, we have the solution for you! Our complete TEMPbadge Visitor Management System includes a card printer, visitor badge software and self-expiring badges. Everything you need in a single package, at a low ID Zone price!

See the TEMPbadge Visitor Management System »

TIMEbadge 06151 Expiring Badges Specifications

  • Quantity: Roll of 1,000 of each FRONTparts and BACKparts
  • Compatible with the following label printers:
    • Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo
    • Dymo LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo
    • Zebra GC420d
    • Zebra LP2824
    • Godex EZ-DT2
    • Godex EZ-DT4
    • Blank design
    • Dimensions: 2.8125" x 1.935" (7.14cm x 4.91cm)
    • Expiration: 1 day
      Note: The expiration process starts to take effect within 8-12 hours. The complete process takes up to 24 hours. Extreme temperatures may affect the expiration process: heat may cause a faster color change; cold may cause a slower color change.

    BACKpart information

    • Adhesive BACKpart, part #06032
      • Dimensions: 3" x 2" (7.62cm x 5.08cm)
      • Designs - 1
    • Circle adhesive BACKpart, part #06044
      • Dimensions: 1.75" (4.45cm)
      • Designs - 1
    • Vertical clip-on BACKpart, part #06054
      • Heavyweight paper construction
      • Dimensions: 2" x 3.5" (5.08cm x 8.89cm)
      • Designs - 1
    • Clip-on BACKpart with pre-printed or color header
      • Heavyweight paper construction
      • Dimensions: 3" x 3" (7.62cm x 7.62cm)
      • Don't forget to order badge clips when ordering clip-on BACKparts!
      • Designs - 14
        • Visitor, part number 05913
        • Vendor, part number 05937
        • Temporary, part number 05938
        • Employee, part number 05916
        • Contractor, part number 05915
        • Yellow 129, part number 05902
        • Red 185, part number 05903
        • Reflex Blue, part number 05904
        • Pantone Green, part number 05905
        • Process Blue, part number 05906
        • Purple, part number 05907
        • Violet, part number 05908
        • Black, part number 05909
        • White, part number 06027

    Note: These badges come in a ROLL.

TIMEbadge 06151 Expiring Badges Reviews